Our classes in Lititz will teach you the most realistic self-defense and give you a total body workout!

Krav Maga H2H (Hand to Hand):

Our H2H classes are perfectly balanced for participants looking to work on and learn proper striking techniques like punches, kicks, elbows, knees and hammerfists and learn self-defense against common strikes, chokes, headlocks and bearhugs. 

Krav Maga Ground:

Our Ground classes blend jiu-jitsu tactics with krav maga striking and principles to provide a ground defense class that teaches you to priortize position and do whatever it takes to get back on your feet as quickly as possible! 

Weapons Defense:

Weapons Defense class focuses primarily on dealing with threats involving firearms, bladed weapons and blunt objects.  Each class deals with a situation involving a deadly weapon and is structured to maximize reps to build confidence in dealing with a weaponized threat or attack.


Strike classes utilize striking combos from Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA to develop better striking power, accuracy and targeting as well as build fight endurance and burn calories!  Strike participants wear boxing gloves to perform the combos to thai pads.  


Supported Partner Action Response or SPAR class is an interactive sparring type class where participants have "fight" interactions with a partner.  This class teaches students how to deal with and defend against punches, kicks and takedown attempts in a safe and structured environment.  Participants wear boxing gloves and shinguards for safety in training.  

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