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Our no nonsense approach utilizes easy to learn self-defense tactics and stress drills to provide realistic training situations.  Krav Maga techniques work for all body types, ages and athletic abilities, not just the naturally gifted or elite athlete.  Our classes will prepare you for the unthinkable!


Our classes will help you build the strength, agility, coordination and endurance to survive, fight and get away!  Every class has functional exercise built in.  We'll help you burn calories and teach you to protect yourself, win-win!


Train with us and transform your fear and stress into something more productive! Our training utilizes easy to remember, gross motor mechanics so you become more proficient at a faster training rate than other martial arts.   You can be confident that your training will help you survive!


  As a new student, and someone who didn't know what Krav Maga was let alone tried it before, I highly recommend this studio.  The fact that more advanced students followed Will from the previous studio he worked at to this location speaks volumes as well.  Classes here have helped me build confidence, improved my spatial awareness, and increased my physical endurance. Will is a humble teacher who works hard to help every student grow.

Ruth L.

Central Penn Krav Maga is a great place to arm yourself with the knowledge of how to stay out of trouble, and how to extract yourself safely should you get in trouble. It’s also an amazing workout, fun and a great stress reliever!

Michelle C.

Will is an excellent instructor. He does a fantastic job of working with mixed levels of knowledge and ability. His classes are also an excellent and fun workout. If you’re tired of impersonating a hamster on your cardio machine of choice, come to class. Just be prepared to work!

Kevin F.

245 Bloomfield Drive, Suite 105 Lititz, PA 17543 

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